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Our off-road diesel delivery service ensures that you have a steady supply of high-quality fuel

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Why Choose Palmdale Oil for Off-Road Diesel Delivery for your Fort Myers based business

At Palmdale Oil, we prioritize excellence for off road diesel delivery Fort Myers. Our unwavering commitment to quality and superior customer service sets us apart in off road diesel delivery. We understand the importance of reliable fuel solutions tailored to your needs. Trust us to provide prompt, efficient, and top-quality diesel delivery, ensuring your operations run smoothly. Our dedicated team is always ready to exceed expectations, offering flexible and responsive services 24/7. Choose Palmdale Oil for an off-road diesel delivery experience that combines quality, reliability, and unmatched customer care.

Unraveling the Mystery: What Exactly is Off-Road Diesel?

Off-road diesel, commonly known as red diesel or dyed diesel, is a specialized fuel primarily used in heavy machinery and equipment not operated on public roads. This distinct diesel variant is easily identifiable by its red coloration, added for tax regulation purposes. Its key benefit lies in its tax-exempt status, making it a cost-effective option for various industries. Off-road diesel’s affordability doesn’t compromise its quality, ensuring efficient operation of agricultural, construction, and industrial equipment. Choosing Palmdale Oil’s off-road diesel results in significant savings, optimizing operational budgets while maintaining high performance.

Off-Road Diesel FAQs

What is off road diesel?
Off-road diesel fuel is diesel that has been dyed red to indicate that it is not subject to taxation and is exclusively intended for off-road purposes. This includes applications such as powering construction equipment, machinery not operated on public roads, agricultural machinery, heating oil, boiler fuel, and other non-taxed uses in accordance with state and federal fuel tax regulations.

There is no chemical distinction between on-road and off-road diesel fuels. On-road diesel, commonly referred to as clear diesel, is readily available at local gas stations. In contrast, off-road diesel is identifiable by its red dye and is typically distributed in bulk. The primary distinctions lie in the color, pricing, and intended application.

When storing off-road diesel in an on-site fuel tank, it’s important to consider its shelf life. If left untreated, the fuel remains viable and usable for up to one year.

The filter may stain, but the tank will not. If you’re really worried, we suggest to change the fuel filters, after regular diesel has cleared out the tank.

Off-road diesel fuel is commonly used for off-road applications, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, industrial generators, boats, and other non-road vehicles and equipment.