Florida's Bulk Fuel and Lubricants Supplier

No matter your industry, Palmdale Oil Company is your Bulk Fuel & Lubricant supplier with over 20 statewide locations

No matter your industry, Palmdale Oil Company is your trusted partner for bulk fuel delivery and lubricant supply. With over 35 years of experience and a network of 16 statewide locations, we ensure reliable and efficient fuel services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's bulk fuel delivery or comprehensive fuel services, we've got you covered for seamless operations and exceptional service quality.

Supporting Your Industry

At Palmdale Oil Company, we are committed to supporting your industry's fuel and lubricant needs. Our services extend to transportation, government, and beyond, ensuring that your operations run smoothly. Count on us for reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your sector.


We offer reliable fuel supply for critical operations, ensuring uninterrupted service during emergencies.


We provide essential, quality fuel for government operations, supporting infrastructure and services.


We ensure well-maintained golf courses with timely fuel supply for maintenance equipment.


We support agricultural productivity with dependable fuel for machinery, aiding in efficient farming operations.


We fuel manufacturing processes with a steady supply, contributing to uninterrupted production lines.


We ensure landscaping operations run smoothly by reliably fueling a wide range of equipment.


We support the automotive industry with essential fuels and lubricants for smooth operations


We assist in ranch operations with a steady fuel supply, essential for various ranching activities.

Marine & Maritime

We provide marine industries with specialized fuel services, crucial for maritime operations.


We aid construction projects with timely fuel deliveries, ensuring machinery runs efficiently.


We support mining operations with robust fuel solutions, essential for heavy-duty mining equipment.


We offer comprehensive fuel solutions for diverse industrial needs, enhancing operational efficiency.