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Practical fuel management tools for all fleet types & sizes

The leading Fleet Fuel Card Program

Palmdale Oil is your reliable partner in bulk fuel and fleet management for over 35 years. With a fleet card from Palmdale Oil, you get practical fuel management tools, Florida-based sales and services, and convenient fueling locations. Our customers routinely tell us they save more than 10% on their fuel expenses when using our fleet card through the elimination of unauthorized purchases. We are about saving you gallons, not pennies.

Palmdale Oil Pride Advantage Card

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having the ability to purchase fuel when and where you need it is critical. Our Palmdale Oil Pride Advantage Card holders enjoy access to over a thousand Pacific Pride sites and over 70,000 retail locations nationwide, most offering 24/7 access. Drivers can always find the closest fueling site with our Pacific Pride Site Locator APP.

Complete Fuel Management Program

The Palmdale Oil Pride Advantage Card comes with practical fuel management tools that allow you to monitor fuel consumption and help control fuel expenses.

Purchase Controls

Dictate the type of fuel, time of day, day of the week, and number of gallons that can be purchased

Local Sales and Service

Florida based sales and service organization handles the set-up of your program to ensure all of your purchase controls are set-up as needed for your specific business.  Local service will handle any questions that come up, and ensure changes to your fleet business are handled quickly and efficiently (e.g. add/delete driver ID's, dispatching replacement cards)

Convenient Fueling

More than 3,000 fueling sites within the state of Florida which are likely to include your drivers' favorite brands

Real-Time E-Receipts

Get instant transaction verification with real-time e-receipts sent to an email address of your choosing

Driver ID & Odometer Tracking

Our system requires a valid driver ID for authorization, while capturing a driver entered odometer reading

Unattended Fueling Locations

Non-retail fueling locations available in some markets. When weather causes delays/shortages of fuel, our unattended fueling locations allow you to keep your fleet on the road with no service interruptions

Fleet Fuel Cards FAQs

The Palmdale Oil Pride Advantage card comes with practical fuel management tools that allow you to monitor fuel consumption and help control costs.

Fleet fuel cards, also known as fleet cards, are specialized payment cards used for fuel purchases at commercial unattended fueling locations and/or retail gas stations. These cards are designed to help you manage and control company fuel spend. They can be used by companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations.

The Palmdale Oil Pride Advantage Card works by allowing drivers to purchase fuel within parameters set by a designated fleet administrator of your company. These parameters can be set specific to a vehicle or driver, and may include transaction controls, which serve to limit fuel type, maximum gallons per transaction, number of transactions per day, as well as, time of day and day of the week restrictions. In addition to a robust set of controls, detailed reporting is provided to give you greater visibility into your fleet fueling.

The Palmdale Oil Pacific Pride Advantage Card works by allowing drivers to purchase fuel at gas stations across the country. The cardholder can set spending limits, control when and where the card is used, and track purchases, offering a high level of control and transparency. Fleet fuel card systems also provide detailed reporting, allowing businesses to monitor fuel consumption, track driver IDs, and streamline tax and fuel grade reporting.

The Palmdale Oil Pride Advantage Card offers an extensive network of fuel locations, numbering 3500+ in the State of Florida and more than 70,000 nationwide.  Included in those numbers are the Palmdale Oil unattended fueling locations, of which there are several within the state of Florida.

The primary benefits are accountability, security, and control and when set up optimally the elimination of unauthorized purchases contributes to a considerable reduction in your total fuel-related expenses.

There are several fleet fuel cards benefits, such as streamlined fuel expense management, enhanced control over fuel spending, detailed reporting and analytics, easier tracking of fuel consumption, and cost savings.

Yes, it is quite common for small businesses to use fleet fuel cards. Most of our fleet card customers operate five to fifty vehicles. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide solutions to your fleet fueling needs.

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