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U.S. Coast Guard certified

Full-Service Fuel Supplier & Marine Bunkering Services

Accredited by the U.S. Coast Guard, our company excels in providing marine bunkering services for vessels of various sizes. With a rich history spanning several decades in both land-based and direct-to-vessel fuel delivery, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in this field. Our skilled technicians are not only adept in meeting the specific demands of marine fueling but also prioritize environmental stewardship and compliance. We implement stringent safety measures and maintain the utmost cleanliness in our fueling operations, ensuring our services not only meet but exceed industry standards. This dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility positions us as a leader in marine bunkering solutions.

Over 35 years of experience meeting industry-specific fuel, oil and chemical needs.

We are the only Florida-based company that can cater to the specific commercial fuel needs of the industrial, mining, construction, ranching, golf services, automotive, landscaping, marinas, marine vessels, fleet, agricultural and government sectors with reliable service.

Decades of experience in marine refueling

Fueling Your Nautical Adventures from Skiffs to Superyachts

At Palmdale Oil, we're dedicated to fueling your maritime journeys, providing top-tier marine fuel and lubricant solutions for everything from casual pleasure boats to luxurious yachts and professional charter vessels. Experience our exceptional service that ensures you're always prepared for your next voyage.

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