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Palmdale Oil Company

Florida's Trusted Bulk Fuel and Oil Supplier for the Golf Industry

Palmdale Oil Company is the trusted bulk fuel and oil supplier for Florida's golf industry. With a focus on efficiency, we provide timely deliveries of fuels, including diesel and gasoline, and lubricants to keep golf course maintenance equipment running smoothly. Contact us for a fuel quote and experience our commitment to enhancing the golfing experience with reliable fuel solutions, ensuring pristine greens and fairways.

As experts in the fuel and oil supply, we understand the precise needs of the golf industry, where maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of courses is paramount. Palmdale Oil Company's services are designed to support golf courses in achieving excellence, whether it's for mowers, utility vehicles, or backup power generators. For a personalized fuel quote and to discover how we can elevate your golf course operations, reach out to us today. Fuel your golfing success with Palmdale Oil Company, where reliability and quality go hand in hand.

Family Owned & Operated

Over 35 years of experience meeting industry-specific fuel, oil and chemical needs.

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