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Family-owned and operated with 10 statewide locations & 6 terminals to serve your Bulk Fuel & Lubricant needs.

Emergency Services

Palmdale Oil is one of the first to rush to the area to provide support. With multiple locations we can supply help to those effected immediately.

Fleet Fueling / Nighttime Fueling

Direct fuel delivery to your fleet vehicles. Available during nighttime to maximize fleet efficiency.

Marine Bunkering

Coast Guard certified to fuel shore to ship, Palmdale Oil has consistently
served waterborne vessels of all sizes

Service and Equipment

Palmdale Oil has employed service techs to help with petroleum equipment needs. Installation and repairs on petroleum equipment pumps, dispensers, and tanks.

Fuel and Lubricants

We carry a full line of gasohol and distillate products from various grades of ethanol gasoline to non-ethanol gasoline to clear and dyed diesels. We offer quality lubricants at aggressive prices with our full line of products.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF

Palmdale Oil supplies diesel exhaust fluid DEF at multiple statewide locations.

Tank Monitoring

Palmdale Oil utilizes tank monitors to ensure that your tank levels stay full. No need to call in orders anymore and Palmdale Oil can watch your tanks remotely and keep them full when you need it! We give you the ability to have a WebView into your current tank levels and views historical data to ensure you have insight into your stored product and usage.

Fleet Fuel Cards

Pacific Pride, the leading Fleet Card program in the U.S. offers a network of independent providers to keep your fleet running smoothly. Such availability provides greater control over fuel purchases to reduce the risk of abuse.

High Quality Chemicals

We supply a wide array of chemicals including Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Coolants, Solvents, Degreasers, Brake Cleaners, Soaps, and more.

Full Lubricant Lines

Lubricants in every size from quart containers to kegs or bulk. We focus on high quality lubricants with competitive pricing.

Reliable Fuel Services

Full lines of gasohol and distillate products in a variety of grades at our eight bulk terminals and fifteen supply locations across Florida.

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